OSIsoft - PI System

OSISOft ile işletmenizi veriye dayalı kararlar alma gücüyle destekleyerek süreçleri düzene koyabilir, operasyonları optimize edebilir ve güvenliği artırabilirsiniz.

OSISoft  -  PI System Gerçek Zamanlı Operasyon Kontrol Platformu 

Wonderware Türkiye olarak Scada çözümlerimizden Aveva Osisoft Operasyon Yönetim Platformu ile işletmelerin tüm dağınık operasyon sistemleri merkezileştirilerek disiplinler arası veri entegrasyonu sağlamaktadır.

OSISoft  -  PI System İçerik ;

Data Archive ; The PI System Data Archive stores millions of data streams for years or even decades. It maintains the full original fidelity of your valuable data—down to fractions of a second. As the time-series database for PI Server, Data Archive stores and retrieves sensor-based measurements. Need to track pressure, temperature, flow rate, and more? Forget about opening a ticket with IT or waiting hours for a query to run. We can install PI Server to keep your valuable data online for immediate, real-time retrieval and visualization—whenever you need it.

Asset Framework (AF) lets you add context to raw data streams. Attach descriptive labels: for example, you might mark an individual tag or data stream as a "flow rate," "temperature," or "vibration." AF attributes let you use natural language to search for the specific information you need. With AF, your data will make sense to users across your enterprise—not just SCADA experts.

PI Vision powerful monitoring displays in minutes with the intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Collaborate and share displays with just a hyperlink. Access data from the field, on any device. PI Vision's browser-based interface means you can forget about installing and maintaining software locally. Ensure only the right people access your valuable data with a Windows Active Directory integration. Plus, our consulting teams can extend the power of your PI Vision implementation with dozens of ready-to-go visualization and analytics modules from our Process Plugins collection.

PI Notifications module builds upon Event Frames to send immediate alerts when thresholds are met. Your teams get notified only when critical events occur. Plus, each notification can include summary statistics and links to troubleshooting displays, response playbooks, and more to can give engineers the information they need to solve the problem quickly.

PI Adapters allow team to access data previously isolated on remote assets or in secondary networks. 

Connectors & Interfaces streamline the configuration process. Our consultants can set them up to automatically create relevant asset hierarchies and begin sending data. They 

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