Citect SCADA Architecture and Redundancy Eğitimi


In this hands-on 2-day course, gain advanced networking skills and knowledge in designing your SCADA projects using the Citect SCADA features and functionalities. This course is essential in learning how to commission your project.

In this course you will learn how to design your project's architecture and network using the Topology and Deployment activities of Citect SCADA. This course also includes hands-on practice with designing clustered control system, implementing online changes and advanced security options.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure a variety of client/server architectures in the Citect SCADA projects
  • Transfer these skills to your own workplaces and projects

Who should attend?

  • Network administrators who need to understand how Citect SCADA is configured on their network.
  • Engineers who are responsible for the design and maintenance of a Citect SCADA network.
  • Citect SCADA system integrators and designers.
  • Technical users who maintain and improve their installed SCADA and control systems.


Knowledge of the following tools, features, and technologies is required:

  • Have attended the Citect SCADA Configuration course or have at least six months' experience in Citect SCADA design.
  • Familiar with Microsoft® Windows Operating Systems
  • Experience in PLC control system design and/or programming is desirable

Course Content

  • Citect SCADA Architecture
  • Citect SCADA Redundancy
  • Online Changes
  • Clustered Control System
  • Project Deployment
  • System Security

Course duration

2 days