Mobile Operator Rounds (formerly Intelatrac) Eğitimi


IntelaTrac is a suite of configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware products that provides workflow management, procedural and general task management capabilities typically focused around plant operations, maintenance management, and production tracking and compliance applications to mobile field workers.
This course addresses the fundamental concepts of setting up security and bases, creating groups and users, creating data filters, setting up assets, and developing and working with shifts and schedules. In addition, the course covers working with Procedure Builder for procedure configuration and management, List Manager, Mobile IntelaTrac, and Auditor Plus. This course also discusses integration capabilities with the AVEVA System Platform.

Who should attend?

Engineers, IT personnel, System Integrators, Consultants, and other individuals who want to learn about the product. Individuals who want to learn about the new course training materials and instructions.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course objectives

  • Configure security
  • Create Bases and Shifts
  • Create Lists in List Manager
  • Build and Emulate Procedures
  • Schedule Procedures
  • Complete procedures in Workstation IntelaTrac
  • Run reports and approve procedures in Auditor Plus
  • Run and Schedule IntelaTrac Web Reports

Course Content

  • Module 1 – Introduction
    • Section 1 – Course Introduction
      • This section describes the fundamental concepts and architecture of Wonderware IntelaTrac.
    • Section 2 – Wonderware IntelaTrac Overview
      • This section provides a high-level overview of Wonderware IntelaTrac.
    • Section 3 – Wonderware IntelaTrac Components
      • This section describes the components that make up the Wonderware IntelaTrac software.
    • Section 4 – System Requirements, Licensing, and Support
      • This section describes the hardware recommendations and software requirements for Wonderware IntelaTrac. It also explains how to access product support.
  • Module 2 – IntelaTrac Management Center
    • Section 1 – IntelaTrac Management Center Overview
      • This section provides an overview of the IntelaTrac Management Center (IMC) interface and functionality.
    • Section 2 –Security Manager
      • This section provides a brief overview of the Security Manager which is used for setting up security for the IntelaTrac software.
  • Module 3 – Procedure Builder
    • Section 1 – Procedure Builder Overview
      • This section provides a brief overview of the Procedure Builder interface and functionality. This section also contains an overview of the features and use of the Procedure Locator.
    • Section 2 – List Manager
      • This section describes the List Manager features and functionality.
    • Section 3 – Procedure Builder
      • This section describes how to use Procedure Builder to build procedures.
    • Section 4 – Procedure Import/Export
      • This section provides an overview of the Procedure Import and Procedure Export functionality.
  • Module 4 – Scheduling
    • Section 1 – Shifts and Crews
      • This section describes how to setup Shifts and Crews.
    • Section 2 – Schedule a Procedure
      • This section describes how to schedule a procedure, and use of the Schedule Manager.
  • Module 5 – Workstation IntelaTrac
    • Section 1 – Workstation IntelaTrac
      • This section discusses Workstation IntelaTrac functions and usage.
  • Module 6 – Auditor Plus
    • Section 1 – Using Auditor Plus and Getting Reports
      • This section discusses the configuration of Auditor Plus and available reports.
    • Section 2 – Procedure Approval
      • This section describes the Procedure Approval work process.
    • Section 3 – Virtual Logbook
      • This section describes the Virtual Logbook usage and benefits.
  • Module 7 – Web Reports
    • Section 1 – Web Reports
      • This section provides a brief overview of the available IntelaTrac Web Reports.

Course Duration

4 days